Hotel-Dieu de Montréal

All About Old Montreal

Founded by French settlers in 1642, as Fort Ville-Marie, Old Montreal is situated in the neighborhood of Montreal. The place is home to many historic monuments dating back to the New French era. Old Montreal is under the municipality of Montreal in the province Quebec, Canada.

In 1964, Old Montreal was declared a historic district. The reasons are quite clear, there are many signs you may visit to witness every era the city came through. Since French Settlements first found, a fort was built by Paul Chomedey de Maisonneuve in 1643, which then served as headquarters for the Societe Notre-Dame de Montréal, the organization which worked for the establishment of Christianity in New France. The streets including Rue Notre-Dame, the Rue Saint-Paul, and Rue Saint-Jacques were the early street developments that took place during 1665, that were developed to follow existing trails of the Island. The era left behind some amazing structures such as the Hotel-Dieu de Montreal, the Saint- Sulpice Old Seminary, and Notre Dame Church, which is now Notre Dame Basilica.


Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal

There was an era when Canada was known as the New France because of the French domination, but that was not the only era it went through. Other powers ruled through the Land, yes it was Britishers too. Canada was colonized by Britain in 1763 and went through major destruction because of the seven years’ war. This era changed the face of Old Montreal in many ways. The Hotel-Dieu de Montréal and many popular buildings were damaged amid the great fire. The city was built even more densely, the city’s oldest monument was then built in 1809, known as Nelson’s Column. There is evidence of mass destruction and renewal of the place through the eras, and that has now turned into a major tourist attraction.

No wonder it is the oldest urban area in North America. Among the oldest monuments, there’s a skyscraper dating back to 1888, New York Life Building. Since the East and West of the city are dominated by ancient buildings that tell about art, culture, and royal remains from the past, other sites are filled with commerce with such skyscrapers and ancient banks.
montreal canada skyline

It tells about Jeanne Mance, Jacques Cartier, and de Maisonneuve, you can still feel their presence through Old Port and cobblestone street. There are still evolving quarters in the city, with the presence of a cathedral, wheel, and river cruises. The place is a journey from the past to the present if visited all across it. From heights of Grande Roue de Montréal, to mesmerising views of old Ville-Marie from Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours-Chapel, to finding traces of history at Pointe-a-Calliere.

With a rich culture, the place has a variety of places to experience the native taste of the area. It has the most famous third wave coffee, served by independent cafes. There’s a wide web of cafes everywhere from industrial spaces to clothing markets. Some of the famous brands are Le Petit Dep, MELK, Crew Collective and Cafe, and SSENSE Cafe. You can grab a cup of coffee anytime while roaming around the beauty, making the moment more alive.

The city has a romantic mood and compliments it with the transport system. The city is connected through STM bus routes and a wide network of metro stations. To travel across the aesthetic city, complimenting transport mediums are available such as ferries and bicycle paths, this adds to the beauty of the place.

With all the monuments, practical history classes and some relaxing activities, the city is a great place to spend some time in its romantic air.