Externalisation des opérations d'entreposage

How To Outsource Your Warehousing Operations

Managing warehouse operations is not a cakewalk, it takes a whole team to understand the needs and work in coordination to fulfill all the demands and requirements. For instance, let’s have an idea of how to manage storage, picking and packing, transportation, delivery, and in many cases return and replacements as well, all by yourself. Fulfilling it all by one can be a very challenging task. To make it easier and hassle-free, you can always rely on outsourcing teams to manage your warehousing and distribution services. An Efficient working team and trustworthy partners are all you need.

How To Choose An Outsourcing Partner?

The task of managing your goods and taking care of them till it gets its destination requires great managing skills, thus while looking for an outsourcing partner, here are some points that must be kept in mind.

List Out Your Needs

Mark out your needs and requirements, services you put your company prefers to serve, and prioritize them accordingly. There are many sub-levels to all services, which may look too little to pay attention to, but are very crucial and can affect your service and all-over image in a wider perspective. It’s very important to identify those and make sure whether your outsourcing partner is capable of fulfilling all of them. Some of them may include –

Inventory management-

  • Inventory list
  • Product listing and history
  • Barcode scanning
  • Stock adjustments
  • Inventory details report etc
  • Tracking stocks within sync of sales orders and receive purchases


  • Draft ( send & edit sales quote)
  • Mark committed stocks and received payments
  • Finalizing orders with markings and emails
  • Marking Fulfilled final process of delivering

These are some minute details of the big processes that we see as a whole and needed to be performed inappropriately to accomplish proper management of the warehouse.

What quality does your outsourcing partner must have?

Management is a skill as well as an art that needs to be mastered, especially when it is for a big project like warehouse management. Managing warehouse operations include many different co-dependent levels of processes that need to be properly supervised and executed. Before handling your warehousing to someone else, you need to keep a check on their basic management strategies and qualities they acquire as an outsourcing manager. Here are some points one should look for in an outsourcing partner.

  • Appropriate and timely assessment

The organization or team handling or managing a workplace, especially one like a warehouse should be aware of timely assessment of the processes as well as the people executing it. It requires proper tracking of work done and in process, to-do list, and time timely completion of all.

  • Leadership quality

Before you hire a team, find their leadership policies. For proper implementation of any process, a team needs good leadership to be guided in the right direction and managed efficiently. The follow-through and work executed depend on how they have been directed to it. Warehouse operations need an understanding of complex structure and processes, as well as care of stock and goods. Talk about their ideas and implementation of leadership, check whether it fits in your plan and requirements.

  • Flexibility in working structure

Working in the warehouse may be challenging with timings and workload. In certain seasons and times of the year, orders and stock receiving and dispatching may increase, resulting in an increase in workload, extra time in packing, more care, and ideas for placing and managing greater stocks than regular time. To cope-up with it, the team needs to be flexible with timings and working patterns. The leader should be experienced and skilled in bearing uneven working pressure and managing between changing working patterns.

  • Risk management

A supply chain deals with a number of risks associated with different areas including HR, legal, international boundaries, and dealing with changing regulations. Mismanaging them can not only threaten company image but also can make the company deal with legal affairs. The company you deal with should assure you of reliable risk management, and suitable plans for your market and industry.

  • Reliable control and transparency

To keep track of the work executed and ongoing processes, check whether they provide an appropriate communication tool. Since communication is the key, communicating your expectations and keeping a check on workflow transparency is a much-required function that you must ask for before finalizing your deal.

These were some key points that must be taken care of while outsourcing your operations of warehousing in Montreal. There are a number of options to hire, but one must be wise and aware while choosing a partner according to needs, their plans and managing patterns, budgeting, and the nature of your business.